Scottish Fold appeared

Note record of cat’s room

As the title, boy Scottish Fold came to our home.

June 11th. As usual, when I was meeting and talking with various people, I got a phone call.
It was from my relative, who wanted to meet me as soon as possible. I went to the meeting point, thinking that something has happened.

His story was that he will left Japan for a new business.
And, he said he want me to take care his cat for a while.

I immediately answered “I can’t” and searched for other way together, but I had the next schedule, so I went back after saying “please look for other.”

I had phone call from my home when I finished the next schedule, while thinking about another good way.
When I went home, it was the same story that he told.

We talked for several hours

I didn’t give an inch.
I think Scottish Fold is cute, but I’m not interested in it.
I have only been thinking about long-hair breed cat which I am waiting for 3 years.

Of course, I can take care of a kitten which have a foster parent, and if my experience is helpful, I will be participate when milk volunteer starts.

Their story was,

〇 I waited for several months to look forward to living with the kitten, and was finally spending time with the him.
〇 Twe days later, it was decided that I need to go overseas for a new business.
〇 Seeing that you taking care of a cats in the cat’s room live, I thought that it was only your home that I could trust to leave my cat.
〇 If I can return to Japan, I will spend time with my cat.At that time, I do not want to have anxiety about his character or physical condition.however,I can trust your home.
〇 Ownership will be your home, so if you make a video of my kitten and earn a profit, use it for the cats.
〇 Please make a video rather because I want to see my kitten’s growth.
〇 I will leave all the feeding expenses of my kitten.

I think it was like this.
I was almost not listening because I was keep saying “I can’t”.

However, the place where there is a cat’s room is not my property.
The isolation room, the cat’s room and the kitten’s room are all on the premises of my parents home.
Parents have a stronger opinion than me.

As a result, Scottish Fold came to our home.

The name is “Alice.” He is a boy.
I don’t know the origin because my home did not give a name.
I don’t know whether English notation is good with “Alice”, but I think it is fine.

However, I am saying “I will not do anything.basically”.
But …that’s impossible.

I will take good care and train same as the cats in the cat’s room and the protection cats which foster parents have been decided.

Every day, I will check his physical condition, and I already took him to a medical examination at veterinarian.
However, medical check will be necessary if he will have communication with other cats in the future.

On the other day, at the community of the YouTube members, I described as follows.

“I can’t feel like uploading Alice’s video in public on this channel yet.
But, in order to make Alice to get used to other cats, I think I have to take him to the cat’s room.In that case,he may be appear in the video sometimes. I hope you will understand this.”

To be honest, I have been considering for about two days.

There are some numbers of people who has interested in kitten’s room live.
Maybe some people are interested in Scottish Fold, or maybe thinking of welcoming Scottish Fold at home.
Some people may be helpful to know, such as Scottish Fold’s condition.

I was thinking about that.
But,I still don’t feel like opening Alice’s videos to the public.

However, my thoughts is changing a little.

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